What is DESIPIXELS all about ???

Owning a camera isn’t a big deal, be it a SLR or a smartphone… The subject captured matters the most. Most of the smartphones comes with a good setup of camera. We click many pictures which we post in various social platforms. These social platforms have various other functionalities and does not primarily focus on what we are trying to focus here at DESIPIXELS. A lot of times, we click them with a purpose, some thought, or with some message in mind. We feel like saying something about the image, like what made you to capture that moment or some instance while capturing that moment. This website is basically designed and created with an intention to enable the viewers to share the images captured by them with a catchy caption. One also has the option to share the image with a story or a self composed article related to the image captured and it would be featured in the stories column. 

Hold on a second !!! It does not stops here. We would also feature drawings and paintings submitted by the individuals. .


Our county is full of joy and colors, with fascinating people and  places, ancient cultures, inspiring people and groups working hard for the family and nation, nation filled with spirituality, love, patriotism, languages, talent, variety in food culture, the scenic landscapes and places, the traditions, science … a never ending list which we are all so proud about to share with each other.  We are so INDIAN in every aspect, or to say in other words, We are so DESI and we feel so proud about it. 

As each and every pixel makes an equal contribution in a picture, we the people of INDIA contribute likely to keep our nation great. Hence came the name DESI-PIXELS !!!

How can you start CONTRIBUTING

Be it a DSLR, a mirror-less or a smart phone camera. It matters very less the gear you own to freeze those moments. So what are you waiting for??? GO through your collections. Grab your gear and start exploring the beautiful world around you. Capture those DESI moments and share your experience along with us. As DESIPIXELS also promotes art, we will also feature sketches, paintings submitted by our viewers and contributors. 

We are presently situated in the great Konkan Region in “Namma Gaurava – the great Karanataka” and are primarily focusing to bring out the greatness of konkan, about the rich heritage and culture of this belt. About the people, the vegetation and the wildlife around. We would also be happy to get contributors from all over India, where one can share the greatness of the culture, practices, traditions. 

As we are DESIPIXELS, we are looking forward to accept stories in all languages shortly. Due to limited reviewing team, presently we will are accepting articles in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Konkani  and English only.