Caught her staring Me…

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Yello Browed Bulbull
A chirpy bulbul with a pointy beak,
under the orange throat, a yellow streak.
with her melediuos tweet,
Dilo ko kar leti he Jeet... 
-- an&babhale--

Lockdown due to the Covid-19 scare gave me quite a good time to explore the beauty this beautiful world, which we probably had ignored past our childhood. Ahhh…..Those memorable days of our childhood… kya din they wo…. Ooops!!! I started dreaming again… Coming back to the story. This morning when I was having my cup of tea, I was delighted by the melodious tweet of birds. Right in front of my eyes, there was this beautiful yellow browed bulbul. I caught her – staring me.. Little did I knew that she was not alone. There he was… her better half.. probably scolding her for staring me…

The bubbly couple… They had plans!!!

They had plans

The next day, on the first of April 2020, I heard the same melodious tweets. My search stopped to find the same couple on the same tree. This was strange for me – probably of the fact that I don’t know the habitat of the birds as I had never studied behavior of any bird or of any other living being to be precise as we all are so engaged in I, we, mine, My, Our, blah.. blah. I started since then – to observe the behavior of these tiny little birds. I was amazed to see the same couple again and again as they would fly back and front to the same spot on tree in a same span of time. There were not many birds on this tree but only these two. Rest of the birds would just fly by but never noticed any other bird even resting on the tree. I noticed the bubbly couple the next day too, with the same behavior, same gap of timings and at the same place.. on the very same tree… I had noticed a very strange sequence in their behaviors since three days. Only one of the bird, probably may be the female, used to sit on the same spot and the other would come few seconds later with bits in his beak. I guessed right.. They were building their home – a nest… But Where??? Were they planning to start their family? Was the female bird going to lay her eggs??? Would I really witness this beauty of the mother nature ???

Stay tuned in to this page to know what happens next.. Even I had not expected such a fate for them!!!

A House is made of wall and beams, A Home is made of love and Dreams…

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  1. stella

    wow.. loved the story
    looking forward to know what happened with the couple

  2. Arun Kumar

    Very nice

  3. Jayashree

    We are blessed, here we are all staying with beautiful nature. Lovely story.

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