Firstly, we the team at DESIPIXELS would take this opportunity to thank you to find some time to check out our website. We appreciate your decision to share. Joining us is absolutely free. Just finish the registering process and get access to the members area where you can create your profile, submit images and start writing !!! Isn’t that amazing. We assure you that your data filled below is safe with us.

The submitted image should be original which means should have captured by you. You are allowed to watermark your name at any of the corner of the image. We would appreciate if you would send a catchy caption along with the image. Such images with caption will be shared in the features columns. If you are submitting a story or article along with the image, we would share it in the stories column. And yes!!! our team here is available here to help you out to chalk out your story with the image in case you are finding it out difficult to pen out the story or the article. The story or article should be REALISTIC preferably with a moral or an inspiring lesson or message!!!

Please note that we wont entertain any kind of political posts, hate spreading religious posts, demoralizing and objectionable images. In simple words.. We feel that you are mature enough to decide whats best to share without falling in to any controversy and debates. The administrator of the website would have the right to reject any such submission without any explanation.




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